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Southeastern Investigative Group

Southeastern Investigative Group was started to provide hands-on homicide investigation training courses. Hands-on training is the effective method of teaching simple and complex investigative principles and putting them to use in a field environment. Our students will put their training to practical use in our scenario driven, hands-on training.

Our experienced Homicide Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators will take the students step by step through the investigative process and review their performance. Feedback will be provided to further develop the student's investigative skills. We strongly promote the team concept in homicide investigations and that is how our students will train.



Southeastern Investigative Group's mission is to provide high quality and comprehensive hands-on homicide investigation training courses to current and future detectives as well as crime scene investigators. SIG will incorporate the lessons learned in the classroom into practical applications in scenario driven events to provide a full training exposure to our students. SIG will maximize the student's understanding by applying 40% in classroom lessons and 60% hands-on training. 


"Lectures put participants in a position of sustained, passive listening. Learning, unfortunately is not an automatic consequence of pouring information into another person's head. It requires the person's own mental processing. Therefore, lecturing by itself will never lead to real learning. (Dr. Mel Silberman, a professor at Temple University)

"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand." Chinese Proverb


Hands on Training


Hands-On Homicide & Violent Crimes Training Courses

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