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Can anyone sign up for these courses?

No. Due to the sensitive nature of the course material this program is designed only for current Law Enforcement personnel. Any sworn law enforcement personnel currently employed by a law enforcement agency can sign up for this program.

What does SIG provide to the students?

SIG will provide high quality and comprehensive hands-on homicide investigation training courses to current and future detectives and crime scene investigators.  Each student will receive a course DVD. Upon completing the course each student will earn a Certificate of Completion. All students will receive a student directory to build upon their network to share information and seek assistance when needed.

Can my local college or university host a course for law enforcemnet officers?

Yes, we encourage all educational instutions to contact us to dscuss developing a course program that will benefit their surrounding law enforcement agencies. Together we can develop a Career Path style course that will award each student with a Professional Certificate for completing the Basic, Intermediate and Advance training courses.

How may we customize a training program to fit our Agency's needs?

Look over our menu and decide which classes best fit your needs. Contact us to discuss a customized training course and pricing.

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