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Host a Course and Save

Law Enforcement Departments

Southeastern Investigative Group will bring the training to you. Your detectives will get free training if you host a hands-on homicide investigation training course.


Sign up a minimum of 20 paying students for each course and your department gets 3 free seats. If you sign up 25 paying students your department gets a total of 5 free seats. In order to provide a positive learning experience the class size cannot exceed 30 students.

Advantages of hosting a course:

  • Localized training will save your department money in travel and lodging

  • Free training

  • Customized training to fit your agency's needs

  • Networking with other detectives from around the country

  • Standardized training for all attending agencies.




  • Contact us and sign up to host a course.

  • Provide a suitable classroom capable of seating 30 individuals comfortably.

  • Classroom should be equipped with a projector screen, computer projector, and sound system.

  • Assign a training liaison officer to coordinate registration, training facility, orientation, etc.

  • We provide promotional material!

  • Advertise the course to local agencies via email, Training Manager's meetings, Chief's meetings, etc.

  • Coordinate with local hotel and for group rates and provide hotel address and telephone numbers. 

  • Provide information on the local area for travelling students.

How to Host a Course

Educational Institutions are welcomed to contact us to discuss training course development.


Hands-On Homicide & Violent Crimes Training Courses

Call or email us to start your training
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